E-Mail Marketing:

At the core of every business is email communication with customers to drive new, incremental and repeat sales. HyperMedia’s Email Marketing group can deliver instant traffic and conversions to your website!

GET NEW CUSTOMERS: We manage high-quality email lists to generate reach new audiences on behalf of our clients.

EARN MORE REVENUE FROM YOUR OWN DATA: We setup the infrastructure, schedules and promotions for you to generate additional revenue from existing customer or new revenue from your Partials and Abandons. We are your in-house out-of-house email marketing division. Your data remains safe and secure with transparent online reporting and campaign overviews provided to our clients.

MAKE MONEY OFF YOUR LISTS: Want to earn additional revenue from your data? We specialize in finding the right offers to earn you maximum revenue from your lists. We take on the e-mailing cost and you earn commissions.

Performance-Based Marketing: Eliminate Waste, Eliminate Risk

We look forward to speaking to you about your business and your marketing challenges. Ultimately, our clients are looking to acquire customers without “marketing waste”.

By understanding the following factors, we can strive to provide an ever reducing cost of customer acquisition.

Marketing Factors:

Geography: Local Neighborhoods, City or DMA, State, Regional, National
Demographic : Income, Gender, Age, Employment-Type, Family Status, Interests, Credit
Target Audience Size
Your Budget and Capacity


Many industries and businesses have specific industry guidelines set forth by industry trade organizations or even the FTC about what can be construed as a false or misleading claim. We understand the importance of marketing compliance and monitor marketing compliance on your behalf.


While many of our clients require national marketing campaigns, it is our national publishing relationships that have provided us the ability to also provide very localized marketing even within just one zip code. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for your business.

SEO, Backlinks, PPC & Google Local

The trick is finding an agency that can earn high-quality backlinks that actually provide value to your SEO—not take away from it. That’s where we come in as just one of ten agencies in the U.S. who can do this effectively. You need to know how it works to understand why we stand out among our competitors. Our team includes several ex-Google employees with over 40 years combined Search Marketing and Link Building experience.

With an eye for high-quality opportunities, our team has scored links with some of the most well-known online publishers, including:

Our link building services help your web site and business accomplish three important marketing goals:

✅ Build your brand: greater brand equity means you’re more recognizable;
✅ Be seen: your links will be found on 3rd-party sites like Forbes or PBS;
✅ Boost your rankings: show up in search when customers are looking for you.

Results from link building, also called backlinking or guest posting, ultimately drive value for your bottom line, allowing customers to find you at the time when they want to spend: when they’re searching for your business, services or products.